I am truly excited for this new year! I have been waiting and looking forward for this day just as one waits for a new car, their wedding day or arrival of a new baby. I can’t explain it or put it down on paper exactly what had made me feel so expectant of the good things to come. However, I will share my list of expectations, not new year’s resolution but what I look forward to accomplishing in 2012.

  • 2012 is a new year and that signifies a new beginning, forgo things that cannot be productive, not keep records of failures or past regrets will matter anymore.
  • It gives me the opportunity to refresh and redirect my steps to things that really will improve and broaden my outlook.
  • I will accomplish new projects and execute some new ideas that I had postponed or not had the ability to start.
  • I plan to focus more on myself and establish a real balance between life, work and family.  I will give myself some “me time”, freshening touch-ups and relaxation time.
  • I will certainly try new things, move out of my comfort zone and be innovative. I will expand my knowledge base, challenge my thought process and refuse to limit my potentials.
  • Oh what about my dear family? I have been pushing them so hard and they have been coming along with me. But this year, I will slow down, reduce my expectations, adjust my high standards and connect deeply with my lovely family!

The best part is YOU, my audience and followers. How can I ever thank you for coming along with me and reading my blogs or leaving comments? You are all true inspirations. I will share more with you this year and I look forward to hearing more from you because in 2012, we must move higher and not be restricted by any situation. Continue to be true! Have a Prosperous and Wonderful New- Year!


What do you think?

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