Learn to reduce morning stress.

If you are like me, mornings are such a busy time that stress is almost inevitable. This stress that carries on can really define the nature of our day.  I call my mornings “to-go” because there is barely anytime for extras.  To heighten my situation is the fact that I am not a morning person. However, demands of the day force me to move out of my natural zone to an unnatural one, whereby I have to wake up early. So to make my mornings less stressful, I follow these rules and for years now, they have really been effective.

Try them and make adjustments as you deem necessary:

  1. Set your alarm and practice waking up at the same time. This is like training the body so that it starts working with you to meet your needs. Just like athletes train their body for sports you can also train your body to cooperate with you. If you are not a very time-conscious person, it might help if you set your clock forward by some minutes. However, avoid calculating the actual time in your brain as that will deny the essence of the forward-time setting. After a period of time, you will notice that your body clock will start working as you will start waking up regularly at that time, even without an alarm.
  2. Meditate:  Spending some quiet time early in the morning alone before everywhere gets busy and there are too many distractions helps to focus your plans clearly in your mind. I use this time to really determine the list of things that I have to do and prioritize them.  Then I set off with a plan of action to pursue and these may be adjusted slightly.
  3. Exercise: It is a useful tool to fuel the body through exercises. I do not have a lot of time and so I set my exercise time to thirty minutes in the morning. This gives me a real boost and helps me to increase my energy level. Try to be consistent and for starters, you could try a fifteen-minute routine.
  4. Plan your outfit the previous day or night: This is a major tactic to saving time. It is best to carefully select what you are going to wear the previous day rather than rushing and just picking out a random clothing item due to lack of time. I always select my outfit the previous day including any ironing or accessories required. I have a policy whereby I must wear any clothes I picked the previous day even if I wake up and I suddenly do not feel like wearing that outfit.
  5. Make breakfast: Despite how much of a hurry you may be, try to make a quick breakfast. We have all heard the cliché axiom that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Thinking and performing tasks on an empty stomach can be distracting and futile. I also plan out my breakfast at night and if I fail to, I go for easy, convenient food. Try not to be eating out every morning because of health and budget factors. It is beneficial to eat homemade breakfast occasionally. However, if it does not work out, get some food rather than starve.
  6. Plan your trip: If you will be driving to a new location in the morning, find out the direction to the location and then program it into your GPS or get the directions from Google maps the day before the trip. There is nothing as bad as getting lost or looking for directions in the morning. It is a high-stress trigger.
  7. Plan your route and factor in the traffic flow: I know the entire route that have easy flow of traffic and the ones that have a heavy traffic course. I also monitor the time for this heavy traffic build up and I try to plan my trip around these factors. This cuts down on surprises. Also leaving early for your trip provides a big stress relief.
  8. Start with a positive daily outlook: Do not start your day with complaints and recounting problems but rather treat a new day with lots of great expectations and believe that things will work out as planned.

Have a Great Stress-free Day!

Wonderfully Yours,

Mom Four kids


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