Mom4kidz is excited to Work with and for you! We value your businesses and our high integrity and professionalism marks us for reliable and honest business relationships.

From Large to Medium to Small to Aspiring businesses, Public Relations Companies or Representatives seeking to advertise, promote or enhance their products, articles, services or  presence, we have various advertising options to suit all needs and sectors.

Our First Priority is YOU! We uphold strongly that every individual, especially, our readers, should be respected because they are wonderfully made. Our articles foster an atmosphere of friendly, free and unbiased readership. We are uncompromising and completely value our community interests. All advertisements must be appropriate, promote trust and suitable for our site.

We offer the following advertising options:

Banner Advertising: Mom4kidz is a rapid growing blog that attracts visitors from diverse interests with family and customer friendly focus. We accept advertisement for banners for businesses that want to increase their online visibility. We offer various options and sizes based on your need and space availability. Our policy is to advertize your logo for a minimum of three months and a maximum of six months. At the end of the agreed terms, the adverts are subject to renewal, if agreed upon and if space is available. Banner placements are based on first-come basis and their positions move up as more spaces become available. We reserve the right to accept, refuse or withdraw any advertisements. All payments are made in advance through PAYPAL, for the agreed advertisements periods. Please contact us for pricing and more details.

Blog Sponsorship: Mom4Kidz is family and customer focused. We promote building strong, trusting and lasting relationships with sponsors that shares our values.

Product Review: We have been reviewing and commenting on various consumer items for clients. However, these reviews must be for products that are appropriate and meet our standards. We are continuing our passion by inviting new businesses or representatives that may need our unbiased and detailed reviews of your products. Our process requires mailing us non-returnable samples that we use for our reviews. Also to enhance this experience, we may require extra products which we pass on to our customers for more independent and comparative reviews. These will benefit the sponsor by getting a broader view of the product under review. For higher value items, a sample may be appropriate. We reserve the sole right to accept, refuse or withdraw any advertisements.

Sponsored Posts: Mom4kidz accepts publications or articles from businesses or sponsors seeking to promote their products, links; views; or services. We are able to assist our sponsors by writing adapted or personalized articles with relevant links on topics that supports our readership. For the interest of our viewers, we must disclose such articles as sponsored or featured posts. All applicable fees for these services are payable in advance through our PAYPAL account. Please contact us at: for more details.

Guest Posts: As part of our public relations and increasing the content of our articles, we reserve the right to invite seasoned contributors to write on our blog. These guests writers are not charged to do so and are expected to express objective and unbiased opinions as may benefit our readers.  Mom4kidz may also be invited as guest writers for relevant articles. These may be featured on our posts, where necessary.

Text Links: We also promote your businesses and articles using links.

Please contact us at: for more details.