I am truly excited for this new year! I have been waiting and looking forward for this day just as one waits for a new car, their wedding day or arrival of a new baby. I can’t explain it or put it down on paper exactly what had made me feel so expectant of the good things to come. However, I will share my list of expectations, not new year’s resolution but what I look forward to accomplishing in 2012.

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Joy of Cooking with Kids.

 Life is busy already and if you are like me, I enjoy to make good meals without spending the entire day in the kitchenCooking is fun when I make meals that are quick, or healthy (or unhealthy?) and appetizing. Sometimes, healthy food may be compromised for a delicious taste, because we can’t always watch the pounds. I enjoy my meals and work out later or I may reduce the fat content. I have also learnt to add salads or vegetables.

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I have been told several times that I am a good cook but truly, I do not spend a long time preparing one meal. I prefer to make variety of meals when I spend time in the kitchen. I make so much food that it always seems like I’m having a party or having guests over, but actually it’s for me and my family! For sure, I find cooking interesting and my family have grown to love my meals. However, I am quiet selective in my choices and I guess that helps with my creativity.

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