Special Needs Kidz

Special Needs Kidz and their families have the same goals and aspirations which are attainable with support. Learning that a child has a disability may raise certain concerns for parents, friends and loved ones. However, the major tool is ability to address such needs with sincere caring, love and assistance provided from the necessary resources. Whether a child has special needs or not, they are all connected as ” KIDZ”.

Check out these activities and information available for Special Needs Kidz:


http://dreammom.blogspot.com/2006/12/best-toy-gift-ideas-for-special-needs.html:  ” I decided to put together a list of Dear Son’s favourite toys over the years, in hopes that I might be able to assist other parents of children with severe disabilities, in finding toys for Christmas. I will also show you a picture when I can and tell you what types of things you should look for or what made this particular toy a favourite…”

http://atblogcarnival.blogspot.com/2008/11/holiday-gift-edition-of-at-blog.html :  “Sometimes we forget about what toys are appropriate for orthopedically impaired children. I have worked with many small preschool children who couldn’t hold a doll or a car…”

http://www.lovethatmax.com/2010/11/best-toys-for-kids-with-special-needs.html: “As we all know—because we’re objective that way—we’re the best experts when it comes to our kids. So who better to recommend great toys …?”

http://carijean.hubpages.com/hub/Adaptable-Toys-for-Special-Needs-Children :  ” Adaptive toys are usually made so that a special needs child can improve the skill that they are lacking…”

http://www.blogher.com/very-necessary-holiday-gifts-kids-special-needs: ” The holiday shopping frenzy approaches! While most kids look forward to holiday gifts, extra-thoughtful gifts for kids with special needs are extra-appreciated. Our kids aren’t always easy to shop for, but when giftors hit the mark — with my son at least — the appreciation fanfare is spectacular…”

http://ezinearticles.com/?Games-for-Children-With-Special-Needs-Are-a-Great-Gift-Idea&id=6634292: “The social research shows that spending recreational time together fosters a healthy family environment.That is why it is particularly important to promote games for children with special needs….”

http://funandfunction.com/ : “Where special needs is cool (affordable too!)”




http://www.lovethatmax.com/2010/11/moms-of-kids-with-special-needs-myths.html:  ” It’s hard to remember what I thought of moms of kids with special needs before Max came along. I have vague recollections of seeing moms at the mall or in the park with their handicapped kids, and feeling really sorry for them. I thought that having a kid with disabilities must be a living hell….”

http://www.blogher.com/elaborate-fraud-linking-autism-vaccines: ” With criticism flying fast and thick in both directions, there is one thing we all need to remember when speaking to parents who still believe their child’s autism was caused by vaccines: those people are in real pain. They want answers and need support…”

http://www.guardian.co.uk/education/2010/sep/14/primary-school-special-educational-needs?intcmp=239: ” My son was wrongly labelled as having special educational needs…”

 http://www.pediatricsafety.net/2011/02/special-needs-kids-dentists-insurance-oh-my/: “Like many kids with special needs, she has been poked and prodded and now has a huge fear of anyone in a lab coat. She is less than cooperative. Her dentist decided it would be better to put her under anesthesia, so she would be relaxed and have no bad memory of the event…”

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