Learn to reduce morning stress.

If you are like me, mornings are such a busy time that stress is almost inevitable. This stress that carries on can really define the nature of our day.  I call my mornings “to-go” because there is barely anytime for extras.  To heighten my situation is the fact that I am not a morning person. However, demands of the day force me to move out of my natural zone to an unnatural one, whereby I have to wake up early. So to make my mornings less stressful, I follow these rules and for years now, they have really been effective.

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A True Gift of Life

“Mom, there is only one thing that bothers me and I am not happy about it,” my ten-year-old son said to me as I went to pick him up after school.

Curious and truly eager to help, I asked immediately, “What is it son? Please tell me.” My mind wandered about quickly from thoughts ranging from being bullied or having a bad day… what could be wrong? My son is not the complaining type, nor does he get upset easily so this was quite surprising to me.

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My Resolution

“Experience is the best teacher”. As a mother of four beautiful kids, what better experience can there be in life lessons as a mother!  I would like to share my journey and every day lessons with other moms who might be struggling or mothers who have overcome challenges or women that are in the process of deciding whether to be mothers or not.  Also available are tips on certain events or handling struggles, routines, recipes and any other things associated with the joy in motherhood.

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