Joy of Cooking with Kids.

 Life is busy already and if you are like me, I enjoy to make good meals without spending the entire day in the kitchenCooking is fun when I make meals that are quick, or healthy (or unhealthy?) and appetizing. Sometimes, healthy food may be compromised for a delicious taste, because we can’t always watch the pounds. I enjoy my meals and work out later or I may reduce the fat content. I have also learnt to add salads or vegetables.

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I have been told several times that I am a good cook but truly, I do not spend a long time preparing one meal. I prefer to make variety of meals when I spend time in the kitchen. I make so much food that it always seems like I’m having a party or having guests over, but actually it’s for me and my family! For sure, I find cooking interesting and my family have grown to love my meals. However, I am quiet selective in my choices and I guess that helps with my creativity.

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My Resolution

“Experience is the best teacher”. As a mother of four beautiful kids, what better experience can there be in life lessons as a mother!  I would like to share my journey and every day lessons with other moms who might be struggling or mothers who have overcome challenges or women that are in the process of deciding whether to be mothers or not.  Also available are tips on certain events or handling struggles, routines, recipes and any other things associated with the joy in motherhood.

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